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PSY-OPS Record DEAL!!!!!
Now with Parakeet Records.

PSY-OPS Record DEAL!!!!!
Now with Parakeet Records.

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It's not a paradox!!!!  Everything we say is a lie!!!!

LAWYERS INVOLVED!!!! With normally 12 or more folks on stage for each show, and a lot of membership changes as part of the nature of the band there are SOME DISPUTES OVER OUR SUPPOSEDLY UPCOMING BOX SET OF ALL OUR MUSIC REMIXED AND REMASTERED WHICH HAVE US UNABLE TO PRESENT ANYTHING BUT LIVE AND 'WORK IN PROGRESS' SO WE ARE LIMITED IN OUR CONTENT PAGES TO HAVING -'songs being written' or 'as they were written' and 'live' AT LEAST UNTIL WE GET THIS LEGAL STUFF SETTLED.

 on the good side, we did come up with some neat archival stuff for you.

                                                 contact email   Apathy/Empathy bags --beautifully embroidered are available upon request.

TWO CD's are on the way!!!!    "Abu Grave"  and "Psy-Ops Sing-Along"  will be released this year by Parakeet Records.
Look here for links to buy them

Need touring musicians and performers for next Summer's 2008 Psy-Ops National Tour
please contact with availability and specifics on what you do.

Look for video of new song on
Psy-Ops Myspace page

We will be holding a Psy-Ops Sing-Along                                                      contact email
Saturday, Oct. 7, 2006 9PM to 10:30
at Fitzgerald's, Houston, Tx.
$5 advance tickets -- $10 night of event      box office number -----   713-862-3838
Live recording for   Psy-Ops' "Voice of America" (to offer help or get more info, please call 281-787-7733)
"If our guys in the War on Terror are going to be forced to use 'aggressive' interrogation techniques, which include stress-causing music/sound to be played constantly in the detainees' cells, we think they ought to have something better to play than 'these boots were made for walking' and selections by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  So......
On October 7th, 2006, 9PM at Fitzgerald's in Houston, Texas, Psy-Ops  will host a SING-ALONG to record volunteer voices and sounds from Americans and our Allies (and, maybe some surprise professional guests)   for the songs "Voice of America", "Acappella Anger", and others, which we will attempt to get out into the field as quickly as possible.
Bring your best cuss words and your most alluring phrases -- join Psy-Ops onstage to create some "Cool Cacophony" FOR THE TROOPS and AMERICA
We hope to capture the entire range of "decadant" American outcryings -- from seductive pleas (enticing detainees to give information) all the way to outright bursts of foul-mouthed intimidation.  Please help us in this worthy cause.  Come down and lend your voices.  Buy advanced tickets.  Get your friends and enemies involved and let's get this show rolling and some TRULY obnoxious Psy-Ops recordings out to our interrogators ASAP.
ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!!!  So COME!!! (on tape for us)   ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!!!

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